Windows & Doors Buyers Guide – 8 Things for GTA Homeowners to Consider when Buying Replacement Windows

Is it time to upgrade the windows in your home? The good news is there have never been more options. However, with all the possibilities, there is a lot to consider when choosing replacement windows. It’s not as simple as swapping out an old window for a new one.

Here are 8 things homeowners in the GTA should consider when shopping for replacement windows:

  • Number of windows: How many replacement windows you require is a great place to start. Some homeowners prefer to replace all their windows at once, while others choose to replace one room or one floor at a time. Knowing how many windows and which types and styles need to be replaced is a great starting point.
  • Budget: Your project budget will help you gain a better understand of the type of windows that you should be looking at. To get the best value for your budget, make sure to pay attention to special deals and promotions.
  • Financing options: Directly related to budget, it’s important to also explore your financing options. Many windows companies offer special financing options for its customers. This allows you to get access to the fund you need to replace your windows. Having financing options also allows you to expand your budget requirements and gives you more flexibility in terms of the style and windows options you can consider.
  • Window style: Window style is important. Just because you have a certain style currently doesn’t mean you have to choose this style again. Today there are many different types of window styles, designs, and features to choose from. Remember, replacing your windows is your opportunity to choose the windows you want and the windows that make the most sense for your home. Choose your window style wisely.
  • Window materials: Windows are made from a number of materials. The material you choose will impact the cost, efficiency and many other factors. Today, many homeowners opt for vinyl replacement windows because they are durable, efficient, and secure.
  • Energy efficiency: Energy efficient windows are the way to go today. Buying new windows is your opportunity to not only install new windows, but also improve your homes overall efficiency. Installing energy efficient windows can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce your energy bill.
  • Glass: No two windows are created equally and choosing the window glass is an important factor when making your decision. LoĒ glass is specially designed to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature when it’s really hot or extremely cost outside. It also helps to block out the sun’s UV rays and protect your home and furniture from the possibility of fading.
  • Security features: One of the most popular places for thieves to get into your home is through a window, making the security a prime consideration. Review the security features, especially for lower level windows and choose the options that make the most sense for the type and location of the window.
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