Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows – Which Option Is Right for Your Home?

All homeowners want to choose the right type of windows for their home. Often it comes down to wood windows vs. vinyl windows. While wood windows used to account for more than half of windows used, today vinyl windows are dominating the windows market. But this doesn’t mean wood windows are lower quality or a worse option. Both types of windows have their advantages when comparing cost, insulation value, durability, aesthetics, and maintenance.

To help you choose the best windows for your home, we have put together a comparison for you to use:

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows: A Comparison

  • Materials: Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and wood windows are made from a wood exterior covered with aluminum or PVC.
  • Cost: This is one of the biggest considerations for replacement windows. In general, vinyl windows are about a quarter less expensive than wood windows, a reason why they have become popular among homeowners today. Wood windows are also more expensive because fewer companies are manufacturing them today.
  • Insulation: People want energy efficient windows today. While vinyl windows are known to allow cold to pass through the hollow frame, they can be filled with an insulating foam to improve efficiency, putting them on par with wood windows as an energy saver. All windows today are much more efficient than the windows produced in the past.
  • Look and style: There is nothing like the natural colour wood windows can offer, not to mention their ability to be painted any colour. While vinyl windows have come a long way and now offer multiple colours and finishes, they are often available at a premium price.
  • Maintenance: This is the one area where vinyl windows are much better than wood windows. Vinyl windows never need to be painted or sealed. They are virtually maintenance free, whereas wood windows need regular maintenance, painting and sealing throughout their lifespan.
  • ROI: We all want to make a sound investment when choosing windows for our home. Both options provide a good return on your investment. However, buyers may be more drawn to wood windows. At the end of the day, if you are selling your home and have new windows, buyers will take notice.

So, which option is best for your home? Only you can answer this question. Vinyl windows are more affordable and easier to maintain. Wood windows have better curb appeal and can be more desirable. The key is to choose the windows that fit your home’s design and overall needs at the time of installation.

If you’d like assistance comparing the pros and cons of vinyl and wood windows, our experts are happy to help. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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