Beat the Summer Heat – Here’s Why New Windows Will Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

It can get hot and humid in Ontario during the summer. With temperatures easily reaching the high 20s and even getting into the 30s, staying cool during the hot summer is important. No one wants to spend the day feeling hot, sticky, and uncomfortable, especially if you are in your own home.

Keeping your home cool and comfortable is not just about having enough fans and cracking the air conditioning. There are many areas of your home that contribute to the indoor air quality and temperature in your home – insulation, efficiency, and even your windows. In many homes, older windows are the cause of energy loss and a source for hot air to get in during the summer.

Investing in new windows can have more of an impact on your homes temperature than most realize. There is no question that it is one of the main areas where cool air can escape during the summer. In fact, it’s estimated that about 30% of unwanted heat is getting into your home through windows – sunlight and heat enter through inefficient and old windows

How New Windows Can Help Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Here are some key ways new windows can help cool your home on hot summer days:

  • They act as a barrier: New windows have strong seals that act as a barrier between the indoor and outside elements. Less hot air will be able to get into your home.
  • They keep cool air in: News window help to keep the cool air in and the hot air out during the summer. This is particularly important if you have the air conditioner on. They help to regulate your indoor temperature and you will have less of a yo-yo effect as the temperature changes outside.
  • They are energy efficient: New windows are designed to help improve your homes energy efficient. This means they help keep your home cool during the summer while also helping to lower your energy bill.

Open The Windows And Use Blinds At The Right Time

Timing when you choose to open your windows and close the blinds can play a big role in keeping your home cool. For starters, while you may be tempted to open the window when it’s hot out, this could actually make it hotter in your house. Rather, it’s best to lower your blinds and window coverings when it’s warmest – during the day.

Open your windows at night, when it’s coolest to allow cool fresh air to circulate in your home. Use ceiling fans and other fans to get the air moving.

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