5 Features that Make Today’s Vinyl Windows Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows are now more popular than ever. They have superseded traditional wood framed windows as a top option for homeowners. With so many benefits, such as simple operation, countless color and design options, durability and the fact that they are almost maintenance free, it’s no surprise they have grown in popularity.

Perhaps what makes vinyl windows the most attractive is their energy efficiency, something that is very important to homeowners. Every dollar saved on energy costs is an extra dollar you will have in your pocket. Installing energy efficient vinyl windows can definitely help.

5 Features that Make Today’s Vinyl Windows Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest considerations when comparing windows options today. Here are a number of features that contribute to the energy efficiency of vinyl windows:

  • The air tight design: Vinyl windows are designed to be air tight and not allow air to get in or out. They are welded together, meaning they don’t have joints, which is a common area for air leaks. They provide much less air leakage than any other style windows, helping to better regulate indoor air temperature.
  • They use insulated glass: Most vinyl window designs use double or triple pane glass. The added layers provide you with additional insulation and protection from the outside. It also helps to prevent transference of heat or cold through the glass panes and into your home.
  • There is no heat transference through the window: Vinyl doesn’t allow for heat to transfer through it, unlike other windows materials such as aluminum or even wood. When it’s hot outside, vinyl will not allow for the heat to be transferred through the material, helping to protect the indoor temperature and keep it consistent.
  • A low U factor: Vinyl windows are known for their high efficiency ratings. Things like energy star and a low u factor rating ensue they are not only efficient, but also provide you with the performance, durability, and the dependability you want in a window product.
  • Cost savings: It would be remiss to discuss vinyl windows and not talk about the cost saving features. They are an affordable window option when compared to other styles of windows and the true costs savings are seen over time as they help to lower your energy bill and help you maintain a more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature at home.

With the great energy efficient properties and considering vinyl windows can mimic the appearance of a wood style window, they won’t corrode over time like metal or break down and rot due to water damage like wood, you can have the best of both worlds and save on your energy bill once installed.

If you are considering purchasing vinyl windows for your home, we can help. We are happy to answer your questions, provide you with more information about the energy efficient properties of vinyl windows, and come to your home to provide you with an estimate for new vinyl windows.